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Can a person exercise the statutory powers of a Minister under a statute if their appointment to that ministry is secret? Doesn’t our fundamental democratic values mean that in order for a person to exercise the power of “the Minister” they must be publicly declared as such?

Most have excoriated @ScottMorrisonMP secret ministerial appointments but said they were “legal”. Is that right? The appointments were made so Morrison could exercise the powers of the ministers secretly shadowed by him - as he did with the decision on the gas lease.

@VictorDominello Thank you Victor for your energetic and visionary leadership on all things digital in NSW! And, in a line of work not noted for male sartorial elegance, maintaining una bella figura to which the rest of us could only aspire.

We should not be gaslit about Morrison’s secret ministry roles. The ghost minister arrangements in 2020/21 are a big deal. They challenge core constitutional conventions, democratic accountabilities, and transparency. Democracy dies in darkness.

We should be very concerned that a PM, an AG, the GG and apparently their officials thought Morrison’s sinister secret state appointments were legitimate. Did anyone object? Resign jn protest? All showed a grave lack of respect for and understanding of democratic governance.

“After centuries of disempowerment and dispossession, we need a very good reason to oppose it”: Former prime minister @TurnbullMalcolm speaks to @FergusonNews about why he has changed his mind on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. #abc730

"Scott [Morrison] was meant to be leading a centre-right conservative government. This is not conservative. This is throwing aside all of the traditions of Westminster parliamentary democracy." – @TurnbullMalcolm #abc730

Former prime minister @TurnbullMalcolm says the revelations about Scott Morrison secretly appointing himself to several ministries is “sinister stuff”, and “one of the most appalling things” he has ever heard in federal government. #abc730

Thank you Olivia Newton-John for your remarkable life - you lit up our lives with music and dance and you saved so many lives with your passionate and advocacy for cancer research and treatment.

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