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@Kate_Jenkins_ @VoicesWentworth Congratulations Kate - your leadership has been inspiring. And thank you @AlboMP for legislating the recommendations and @KellyODwyer for commissioning you to undertake the inquiry in 2018.

I gather Michael Kroger (who has presided over the self destruction of the Victorian Division) is claiming Danslide #1 in 2018 was my doing. In fact it was in large part caused by Victorian resentment against the right wing coup that ended my time as PM

And, as the regular Liberal voters shrink in numbers, the need to reach beyond the "base" (however defined) to the centre is greater than ever. The angertainment media can monetise narrow audiences with divisive hate filled bile - but it is too narrow for electoral success

This is, in large part, dictated by the right wing angertainment complex, mostly Murdoch, which claims to speak for "the base" overlooking the fact that the "base" of any political party are those that habitually vote for it (dramatically ignored in the last federal election)..

At the heart of the Liberal Party's defeat in the Victorian election on Saturday is the paradox that in this, the most small "l" liberal state in Australia, the Liberal Party has been taken over by the hard right and is therefore at odds with the electorate whose support it seeks

#GreenHydrogen has been a bright spot at #COP27. In our Weekly Wrap, take a look at an overview of what happened from policies announced, deals struck, and engaging sessions all aimed at scaling up the green hydrogen economy @ErikSolheim @TurnbullMalcolm

[email protected] co-chairs @JMDBarroso, @HarvardChanDean & @TurnbullMalcolm urge #G20 participants "to improve support for a vital contributor to societal #resilience and economic growth: #mentalhealth and #wellbeing." Read our full statement.

Bruh Ayele Terfie, General Manger - Africa at @FortescueFuture says next: "If you want to use wind and solar to produce hydrogen you need this baseload type of profile", "and that is why pumped storage is so critical for us." #COP27 #PumpedStorage

Julia Souder, Executive Director of @LDESCouncil says: "There's a lot of challenges and getting everyone to say that long duration energy storage is a key component to decarbonisation is just the start", "we've got to act." #COP27

Atle Harby continues: while batteries can step in to provide short term flexibility, on longer term timescales "we need something else, and that's where hydropower and #PumpedHydro can play an enormous role" #COP27

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