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Friend of mine, a JAG lawyer, just made an interesting point about Russia/Sanders,

“Wait, I thought the protocol was to not brief the campaign and get an illegal warrant to surveil staffers?”

Did you know:

Russia donated over $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton sold 20% America’s Uranium to Vladimir Putin

Yet she's calling President Trump "Putin's Puppet," despite the fact that a 3 year, 40 million dollar investigation found no collusion



Trey Gowdy Slams the NYT report claiming Russia is trying to help get President Trump reelected in November.

This was a closed door meeting that was leaked out & he calls out Schiff!

These leakers need to be Removed & Prosecuted!

Then again, let’s be honest: if you’re Putin, you probably do want to sit across the negotiating table from a guy who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, saw the breadlines- and came back saying only the nicest things about them

There is no more obvious and pathetic sign of Democrats’ panic about the upcoming 2020 election than the convenient return of the “Russia is meddling in our elections!” hysteria

As crazy as it is predictable

Amusing: First Bloomberg called for Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar to quit race. Hey, all you losers, leave it to Mike! Now, Team Buttigieg calls for Bloomberg to quit. If he doesn't, will mean Sanders builds 'seemingly insurmountable delegate lead.'

....The reason for this is that the Do Nothing Democrats, using disinformation Hoax number 7, don’t want Bernie Sanders to get the Democrat Nomination, and they figure this would be very bad for his chances. It’s all rigged, again, against Crazy Bernie Sanders!

MSDNC (Comcast Slime), @CNN and others of the Fake Media, have now added Crazy Bernie to the list of Russian Sympathizers, along with @TulsiGabbard & Jill Stein (of the Green Party), both agents of Russia, they say. But now they report President Putin wants Bernie (or me) to win.

Republicans are fighting for citizens from every background, every community, & every walk of life. We are the party of boundless optimism, excitement, energy & enthusiasm. We are welcoming Americans of all parties & political persuasions to join our incredible movement to #MAGA!

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