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What happens after you’re vaccinated? As more and more people become fully vaccinated, restrictions can start to be lifted based on the conditions in your area. For now, we must all keep following public health measures as more Canadians get vaccinated.

Avec un plus grand nombre de personnes vaccinées, les restrictions pourront être levées selon la situation dans votre région. Pour l’instant, suivons les mesures de la santé publique pendant que la vaccination continue.

This afternoon, I connected with @JacindaArdern and @EmmanuelMacron - and other leaders from around the world - for the Christchurch Call Second Anniversary Summit. We spoke about terrorist and violent extremist activity online, and the work we’re doing together to end it.

Cet après-midi, lors du sommet du 2e anniversaire de l’Appel de Christchurch, j’ai parlé avec @JacindaArdern, @EmmanuelMacron et d’autres dirigeants du monde entier des activités terroristes et extrémistes violentes en ligne et du travail qu’on fait ensemble pour y mettre fin.

There is no place for terrorist and violent extremist content anywhere, whether it be online or offline. This is why New Zealand and France launched, two years ago, with Leaders of Governments and Tech companies, the Christchurch Call to action.

Les contenus terroristes et extrémistes violents n'ont leur place nulle part. Avec la Nouvelle-Zélande, il y a deux ans, nous avons lancé un appel à lutter contre eux, en associant États, entreprises et société civile.

Next week, we’ll receive 3.4 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine - that includes 1.4 million doses coming ahead of schedule. Combined with a shipment also coming from Moderna, we’ll be getting a record 4.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines next week alone.

Update: We’ve distributed more than 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines across the country, and over 50% of adults have gotten at least one shot. That’s good news, but we need that number to be even higher - and we’re delivering more vaccines to make that possible.

La semaine prochaine, on recevra 3,4 millions de doses du vaccin Pfizer contre la COVID-19, dont 1,4 million avant le délai prévu. Si on les ajoute à la cargaison de Moderna qui est en route, on recevra un record de 4,5 millions de doses de vaccins seulement la semaine prochaine.

Mise à jour : On a distribué plus de 20 millions de doses de vaccins contre la COVID-19 au pays, et plus de 50 % des adultes ont reçu au moins une dose. C’est une bonne nouvelle, mais ce chiffre doit être encore plus haut, et on va livrer d’autres vaccins pour y arriver.

📣 1 year ago we launched the Fish Harvester Benefit & Grant program. 🗓️

Since then, over 18,000 fishers from every province & territory have used this program to keep their boats running, their crew employed, & our supply chain strong ⤵️🛥️🐟🎣

📣 Il y a 1 an, nous avons lancé le Programme de prestation & subvention aux pêcheurs. 🗓️

Depuis, plus de 18 000 pêcheurs de chaque province & territoire ont utilisé ce programme pour maintenir en activité leurs bateaux, leur équipage & notre chaîne d’approvisionnement ⤵️🛥️🐟🎣

Yesterday, I virtually met with some of the families of Italian Canadians who were interned during the Second World War. We spoke about this dark moment in Canada’s history and about how the Italian Canadian community has carried the weight of this unjust policy for far too long.

Hier, j’ai rencontré virtuellement des familles d’Italo-Canadiens internés durant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale. On a parlé de ce chapitre sombre de l’histoire du Canada et du fait que la communauté italo-canadienne a porté trop longtemps le poids de cette politique injuste.

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Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in the Christchurch Call Second Anniversary virtual leaders’ Summit. Learn more about the #ChristchurchCall to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online:

#DYK? Families with children under six already entitled to the #CanadaChildBenefit will receive three additional payments in 2021?

Want to know more? Visit ➡️

Investments in public transportation help support jobs, make people’s commutes better, and cut down on pollution. Today, PM Trudeau virtually visited the Thunder Bay Alstom plant. Learn more:

You guys are experts at this by now. We’ll just leave this here as a reminder:
🧼 Wash your hands frequently
↔️ Practice #PhysicalDistancing
🔹 Stay home if sick, and get tested
ℹ️ Follow public health guidelines

The #GoC has been making significant investments in #biomanufacturing across Canada.

Check out this map to find out where:

#CdnBiomanufacturing #Vaccines

A new public policy offers a pathway to permanent residence for eligible families of Canadian victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 tragedies.

Today, Muslims in Canada and around the world will celebrate Eid al-Fitr, and mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s message wishing all those celebrating a joyful Eid ⬇️

This week, Minister Fortier received her first dose of the #CovidVaccine.

When your turn comes, roll up your sleeve to help protect yourself, loved ones and your community from #Covid19.

Learn more about getting vaccinated:

Have a child under the age of six? If you’re receiving the Canada child benefit, you’ll automatically receive the CCB young child supplement payment on May 28th. Get the details: #CdnTax

60 new zero-emission streetcars for #Toronto! Triple benefits: reducing travel times, increasing safety, and reducing air pollution.

The best way to beat back #Covid19 is to do what we’ve done before and stop the spread. Wear a mask, keep your distance, get vaccinated, and follow local public health guidelines to protect yourself and others during the #Covid19 pandemic.

Public transit is at the heart of a clean, inclusive recovery that restarts our economy and creates good jobs. This once-in-a-generation investment is the largest in public transit in #Toronto history! #BuildUp @ONinfra

Today @YWGairport, #CBSA officers ensured expedited clearance of additional Pfizer #Covid19 vaccines into Canada! We remain mobilized and ready to process shipments as they come in.

Canada, today we mark another significant milestone – 20 million doses of #Covid19 vaccines delivered to provinces and territories! 💪
#SleevesUp #CovidVaccine

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