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I convened a meeting of the Tourism Strategy Promotion Council, where we compiled a policy plan to revive Japan’s tourism in the near term, with our sights fixed firmly on the post-coronavirus era. (2/2)
(December 3)

PM Suga: Although novel coronavirus infections continue to spread, it is imperative that under the principle of “protecting lives and livelihoods” we support the tourism industry, which is indispensable for Japan’s local economies. (1/2)

The Prime Minister received a courtesy call from the Liaison Council of Municipalities in Nemuro Subprefecture for the Development of Regions near the Northern Territories.
#PMinAction (December 1)

while distributing the fruits of these improvements in productivity to workers. By doing so we will sustainably improve income levels among the public and realize an economic virtuous circle. (2/2)
(December 1)

PM Suga: I convened a meeting of the Committee on the Growth Strategy, where we compiled an action plan of the Growth Strategy.

The biggest issue for Japanese companies is enhancing productivity. From now we will undertake a full spectrum of efforts towards that end (1/2)

As we mark the 130th anniversary of the opening of the Diet, it is my sincere wish that the Diet, as the organ representing all citizens, lives up to its public mandate. (5/5)
(November 29)

Now, as the situation both domestically and internationally changes at a dizzying pace, the role the Diet should play is becoming all the more significant. (4/5)

and to improvements in the daily lives of the Japanese people and building up a peaceful and affluent Japan. I express my profound respect and gratitude to each of those who came before us who devoted themselves to developing parliamentary government. (3/5)

Under the Constitution of Japan, the Diet directly represents the people. As the highest organ of state power and the sole law-making organ of the State, the Diet has held a central role, contributing substantially to the prosperity of Japan (2/5)

PM Suga: In the presence of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, a ceremony to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the opening of the Diet was held on November 29, a truly gratifying and deeply significant occasion. (1/5)

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