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Today, a jury did the right thing. But true justice requires much more. Michelle and I send our prayers to the Floyd family, and we stand with all those who are committed to guaranteeing every American the full measure of justice that George and so many others have been denied.

I want to share a new book, Power to the Public, that illustrates how nonprofits and governments can use technology to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. It includes some good examples and is worth a read for anyone who cares about making change happen.

Walter Mondale championed progressive causes and changed the role of VP—so leaders like @JoeBiden could be the last ones in the room when decisions were made. In selecting Geraldine Ferraro, he also paved the way for @VP to make history. Michelle and I send prayers to his family.

Charles and @Shaq agree: we can all help end this pandemic by getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It's the only way to keep everyone safe and help us get back to all the things we miss most—from seeing family and friends to watching sports in person.

Barack and I started Higher Ground to give exciting new voices a platform to tell great stories. We're proud to share Season 2 of @meuceph’s Tell Them, I Am—a podcast we think you’ll love as much as we do. Listen now on Spotify:

After nearly two decades in Afghanistan, it’s time to recognize that we have accomplished all that we can militarily, and bring our remaining troops home. I support @POTUS’s bold leadership in building our nation at home and restoring our standing around the world.

Michelle and I are thrilled to be one step closer to bringing the Obama Presidential Center to the South Side of Chicago. We hope it will help lift up the South Side and breathe new life into Jackson Park and the surrounding communities.

Our hearts are heavy over yet another shooting of a Black man, Daunte Wright, at the hands of police. It’s important to conduct a full and transparent investigation, but this is also a reminder of just how badly we need to reimagine policing and public safety in this country.

Through his extraordinary example, His Royal Highness Prince Philip proved that true partnership has room for both ambition and selflessness — all in service of something greater. Our thoughts are with Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, and the British people.

The only way we’ll be able to beat this pandemic is if enough people get vaccinated. So join me, Michelle, and Americans everywhere in getting the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it’s available to you—and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Bruce @Springsteen and I close out our podcast, Renegades: Born in the USA, back where it all began: with a conversation about the story of America and how to restore faith in its promise. Listen to our final episode on Spotify.

This Easter, I hope we can all take some time to reflect on the blessings we enjoy and the hope we have for a brighter future. From our family to yours, have a safe and happy Easter.

Congratulations to @MLB for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens. There’s no better way for America’s pastime to honor the great Hank Aaron, who always led by example.

It’s always great catching up with @IsabelWilkerson, and this time we’re talking about A Promised Land and our mutual love of books with @BNBuzz. Take a look:

Bruce and I agree that our most important anchor over the years has been our families. We’re both lucky enough to have remarkable partners who ground us, and kids who help us understand what really matters in life. Listen to our conversation on @Spotify:

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