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“Change starts when ordinary people decide they’re going to do extraordinary things.”

Listen to @BarackObama's moving reflections at a very special Obama Foundation 44 alumni event in Austin, TX. We’re so inspired by @bsw5020 and @sabrevaya, and their work through @IAmALSOrg.

I signed into law the most significant gun safety reform in nearly three decades.

But Congress must do more.

Let’s pass universal background checks, eliminate immunity for gun manufacturers, and ban assault weapons.

Judy Heumann dedicated her life to the fight for civil rights—starting as a young organizer at Camp Jened and later helping lead the disability rights movement. Michelle and I were fortunate to work with Judy over the years, and are thinking of her family and friends.

“Fired up. Ready to go!” Edith Childs understands the power of a single voice, and she used those words to light up a room during my campaign stop in Greenwood, SC back in 2007.

I recently caught up with Edith, who just retired after 24 years in public service. Take a look:

I’m excited to announce that 105 inspiring young people from across Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe will be joining the @ObamaFoundation Leaders program.

I am so proud of all of you, and I can't wait to see what you do.

Congratulations to the Kansas City @Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Andy Reid for a great Super Bowl win and for sustained excellence. And shout out to the @Eagles and Jalen Hurts—outstanding competitors with a bright future.

At my last Black History Month celebration at the White House, we had folks of all ages come together to celebrate—including Clark Reynolds. I hope we'll continue to build a brighter future for young people like him.

Black History Month is about the shared experience of all Black Americans whose lives have shaped, challenged, and ultimately strengthened America.

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