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With the midterms coming up, we need to recruit poll workers who are willing to serve in communities across the country.

This Poll Worker Recruitment Day, @AllOnTheLine and @PowerThePolls are partnering to make sure elections everywhere are safe, fair, and efficient.

Here’s the truth: @danpfeiffer’s latest book, Battling the Big Lie, is an important read for anyone who’s wondering how the far right traffics in lies and what we can all do to fight back. As we head into election season, it could not be more timely.

Thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress, people’s bills will get smaller, their lives will get longer, and we’ll have a real shot at avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. That’s something Democrats everywhere can and should be proud of.

The Ann Dunham Water Garden will be a special place for visitors and members of the community to reflect. It will also feature an incredible new sculpture by Maya Lin, whose work I've long admired.

My mother, Ann Dunham, was the biggest influence on my life, and helped shape me into the person I am today.

I’m proud to share that the Water Garden at the Obama Presidential Center will be named in her honor.

Tonight’s news is also proof that it’s possible to root out terrorism without being at war in Afghanistan. And I hope it provides a small measure of peace to the 9/11 families and everyone else who has suffered at the hands of al-Qaeda.

It’s a tribute to President Biden’s leadership, to the members of the intelligence community who have been working for decades for this moment, and to the counterterrorism professionals who were able to take al-Zawahiri out without a single civilian casualty.

More than 20 years after 9/11, one of the masterminds of that terrorist attack and Osama bin Laden’s successor as the leader of al-Qaeda – Ayman al-Zawahiri – has finally been brought to justice.

For decades, Bill endured insults and vandalism, but never let it stop him from speaking up for what’s right. I learned so much from the way he played, the way he coached, and the way he lived his life.

Michelle and I send our love to Bill’s family, and everyone who admired him.

Perhaps more than anyone else, Bill knew what it took to win and what it took to lead. On the court, he was the greatest champion in basketball history. Off of it, he was a civil rights trailblazer—marching with Dr. King and standing with Muhammad Ali.

I’m grateful to President Biden and those in Congress – Democrat or Republican – who are working to deliver for the American people. Progress doesn’t always happen all at once, but it does happen – and this is what it looks like.

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