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On the anniversary of his death, the best way we can honor John Lewis’ life is by following his final marching order to keep moving—by fighting voter suppression and passing strong laws that ensure every citizen can vote and have their vote counted.

Making Juneteenth a national holiday is about much more than a day on the calendar—it’s a long overdue acknowledgement that the struggle for freedom, equality, and justice deserves a permanent place in our nation’s consciousness, and that there is still so much more work to do.

In my new thriller with James Patterson (@JP_Books), “The President’s Daughter”, former President and ex-Navy SEAL Matthew Keating goes on a high-stakes mission to protect what’s most important to him. 

Add it to your summer reading today: 

The President's Daughter

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77 years ago today, our longtime @ClintonCenter volunteer LeMoyne Jones was on a gunnery ship at Normandy. On this anniversary of D-Day, and every day, I am grateful to all who served and sacrificed to save the world.

Congratulations to Buddy Carter, a beloved member of our White House family, on his well-deserved retirement! Hillary, Chelsea, and I are so grateful for your service to America and everything you did for us, and we wish you much happiness.

Today we pay our respects to all those who gave their lives for America, remember their sacrifices, and renew our commitment to building a world of peace, security, freedom, and prosperity.

Sen. John Warner was an extraordinary public servant and a good man. I enjoyed working with him because he was always willing to reach across the partisan divide when he thought it was right for America. My thoughts are with his family and the people of VA who he served so well.

People deserve to see their stories told and no one has worked harder to make that a reality than Jimmy Smits. We had a great talk about his incredible career, his work to advance inclusion in the arts, and his new movie @intheheights.

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