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AVAIL. NOW: Overflow tickets for Freedom Matters with David Rubenstein and Sharon McMahon (@sharon_says_so)
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March 20 | 6:30 p.m.

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"China, a desert of media freedom in its own right, enables regimes in places like Venezuela and Cuba to track and stifle online dissent."
— @Bill_McKenzie, Bush Institute Senior Editorial Advisor

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Threats to media freedom and self-expression | George W. Bush Presidential Center

"Many years ago this site would have been a breathtaking Texas prairie. Today the park is planted once again with native habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.”
—Mrs. @laurawbush

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"President Bush would say to me, 'Hadley, there are a lot of challenges out there. But you need to remember that within every challenge there is an opportunity to advance the interest of American people.'"
— Stephen J. Hadley on the #Strategerist 🎙

Stephen J. Hadley -- Behind the Scenes of the Bush/Obama Foreign Policy Hand-Off | George W. Bush Presidential Center

Have you made plans to see the new exhibit, Freedom Matters?

Freedom Matters uses rare artifacts and historical documents, interactive activities, and personal perspectives to examine the concept of #freedom.

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Freedom Matters Exhibit | Bush Center

"@FBI Director Christopher Wray testified this week that #TikTok 'screams national security concerns' because of the Chinese govt. purported ability to access U.S. users’ data or conduct 'influence operations' through the app." — Igor Khrestin

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Is TikTok a U.S. national security threat? | George W. Bush Presidential Center

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The event "Freedom Matters with David Rubenstein and @sharon_says_so" will be livestreamed. If you would like to attend in person, please join the waitlist and we will notify you if additional seats become available.

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Freedom Matters with David Rubenstein and Sharon McMahon | Bush Center

The Freedom Matters exhibit examines the concept of freedom: where it comes from, what it means, what free societies look like, and the role of the individual in protecting and spreading freedom around the world.

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Freedom Matters Exhibit | Bush Center

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