Read Former President George W. Bush's Tweets

Editor's Note: Former President George W. Bush has no known public, official Twitter profile so we are showing the George W. Bush Presidential Center's official feed.

“This is the greatest country in the world. Everyone has the opportunity to be great. You might not have the easiest path... but you can try any number of different things. And when you find something you love, you can be great at it.” -@mcuban #Engage

“You need to know that there is more to learn...and everyone should be open to just listening.” -@TheSharkDaymond on racial and gender equity #Engage

“When you start being honest with your staff [about racial equity], that you’re not perfect, that you’re willing to learn — you’ll see great change.” -@TheSharkDaymond #Engage

“This is about the best and the brightest coming to the greatest country in the world to contribute” -@mcuban on the benefits of immigration. #Engage

“Financial intelligence and coding - those things should be [taught] in the second grade, third grade, fourth grade.” -@TheSharkDaymond #Engage

“We’ll adapt. We’ve seen a lot more people turn to technology...we’re seeing an adaptation by entrepreneurs to new ways of doing business that are being accepted.” -@mcuban #Engage

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