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Editor's Note: Former President George W. Bush has no known public, official Twitter profile so we are showing the George W. Bush Presidential Center's official feed.

The newest #Catalyst issue focuses on how Americans can create a more perfect union and work together to strengthen the common good.

Explore these #CatalystIdeas:

The #StandTo Veteran Leadership Program Scholars heard from a great lineup of speakers this morning as they continue to focus on the leadership pillar of decision making during Module Three.

This afternoon, program alumni arrive at the Bush Center for the #StandToReunion!

The threat to regional and global peace, prosperity, and security is increasing as the Taliban continues to erase Afghan women and girls from public life.

Learn more and see how you can show support for Afghans:

Don’t Look away.

The 2022 #StandTo Veteran Leadership Program Scholars are back at the Bush Center this week for their third module where they'll focus on the leadership theme of decision making and hear from an excellent lineup of speakers.

More about the program here:

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