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Mental health is an urgent issue, yet many Georgians face barriers to access care.

What can Georgians do, and how can enforcing parity in insurance coverage help change this?

Read a blog from @CarterCenter’s Helen Robinson.

Walter F. Mondale's inauguration as vice president on January 20, 1977, was commemorated by the Medallic Art Company with a bronze medal designed by sculptor Mico Kaufman. This copy is displayed at the @CarterLibrary in Atlanta, Georgia.

#RIPWalterMondale (1928-2021)

📸 2017

Our new paper with @misinfocon provides practical steps to help journalists, fact-checkers, human rights officials, and election observers coordinate election activities, observation, and monitoring.

Greg Noland, director of the Carter Center’s river blindness, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis, and malaria programs, become passionate about melding science and field work when he worked at a rural hospital in Zambia.

Don't miss the 5th panel in the "Decolonizing Global Health" series on April 20 at 10:30 am EST.

The Center’s Kelly Callahan joins this discussion on global health, colonialism, & how to foster change in global health research, education, & practice.

Laura Neuman is fiercely committed to empowering women.

Read this Q & A with Neuman, director of our Rule of Law Program, to see what our Inform Women, Transform Lives campaign is doing to change lives for women & their families in 13 cities.

GLIDE is proud to launch the inaugural Falcon Awards for Disease Elimination! 🏆

The Falcon Awards invite participants to present approaches that aim to accelerate the elimination of #NTDs, #malaria, & #polio. #FADEOUTDISEASE

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Ehtnesh Aschalew volunteers in a hot spot in Ethiopia where river blindness has been detected in black flies despite having been eliminated in surrounding areas.

Read how health volunteers fight to eliminate #riverblindness.

Carter Center virtual events bring you up close with experts, policymakers, and other special guests who provide perspective on issues that shape our world.

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