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Editor's Note: Former President Jimmy Carter has no known public, official Twitter profile so we are showing the Carter Center's official feed.

Wishing President and Mrs. Carter a joyous 74th wedding anniversary. (They have been married for almost as long as @CARE has existed!) What an amazing partnership and exemplar of a beautiful relationship that has brought extraordinary positive change to the world. @CarterCenter

Young artists in the #DRC are using their talents to educate their communities on preventing the spread of #COVID19. Drawings, paintings, and songs are among the art forms used to encourage people to wear a mask and wash their hands with soap and water.

The Carter Center Mental Health Program believes that adults & children should have access to mental health care.

In Georgia, the program works with partners to make school-based mental health services as common as the provision of school lunch.

Did you know that The Carter Center works globally to advance democracy and freedom?

Since 1989, the Center has monitored 111 elections in 39 countries, playing a leading role in developing guiding principles for election observation.

Ten years ago, @UN_Women was created.

We salute their commitment to women’s empowerment, women’s rights and gender equality all over the world.

Congratulations on this milestone! #GenerationEquality

In Ethiopia, communities have formed teams to help eradicate Guinea worm, an ancient disease that has afflicted millions.

In this photo, a villager measures a pond to help treat water with a mild chemical to kill Guinea worm larvae.

#OTD in 1980 President Carter signed the Small Business Development Act, which restructured the aid program & made it easier for farmers & small businesses to recover from disasters. Read his remarks at the signing here: @USNatArchives catalog ID 845966

This car was part of President Jimmy Carter's inaugural parade in 1977 🇺🇲 Now on display at @Milesthrutime in Clarkesville. @GoodDayAtlanta #fox5atl @CarterCenter @CarterLibrary

“Palestinian perspectives on the future”: The Elders' Head of Programmes @JaneKinninmont reflects on the generational divides & democratic challenges facing #Palestinians across the #WestBank, #Gaza, #Israel and the diaspora.

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